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The Center for Traditional Health Arts is owned and operated by Sean Fannin as sole proprietor. Each practitioner providing services is an individual sole practitioner and not a partner or owner.

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Bill Fannin, Dipl.Ac (retired)

Message - Bill Fannin, Dipl.Ac (retired)

On February 1st, 2010 I will be retiring from the practice of Oriental Medicine. I will be doing it in the style of the retired herbalists in China. you will find them back at the herb clinic each day enjoying tea and time with their family and the regular clients of the clinic.

In this tradition each generation of the herbalist's family takes over from the one before, and the clinic is its own small community. Like the traditional retired herbalist I am no longer providing acupuncture or prescribing herbs for ailments, but will be staying involved in the everyday life of this community. Retirement for me is not moving away to an adult community in a sunny location, but fully enjoying this present community of family and friends.

Although we will see each other at the office and visit in person, I do want to express my appreciation for the opportunity we have had to work together. Thank you - Bill Fannin

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