Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee Thursday November 29th 2018
Huainanzi Chapter 7: Jingshen and Li 理: The Inner Organizaation of Life (Acupuncture CEUs)
:. This workshop is a unique opportunity to study with an international authority on classical Chinese medicine. In the morning we will continue our examination and discussion of Chapter 7 of the Huainanzi, Jingshen or vital spirits. Our focus will be on the Chinese text as a key to enhancing our practice of Chinese medicine. The morning program is part of our ongoing Classical Chinese Medicine Study Group Series and is open to all interested students.

The afternoon presentation will be on Li 理. Li represents the inner natural organization, cosmic order in any phenomenon, the underlying structure of life. Any form of life possesses its own pattern, allowing its harmonious development, shaping its manifestations, and organizing all life giving and life maintaining movements in them. To know the li is to know things and beings as they are, and to take the li as model. We can guide the conduct of our own life in order to become closer and closer to this heavenly or natural order. This improves the functioning of life at each level: physical, psychological, mental and spiritual.

Fees with CEUs for the full day (7 CEUs) are $150. To attend the morning only (3 CEUs) is $70. To attend the afternoon only (4 CEUs) is $85 Please contact us to register, for more information or for student rates.

Classical Chinese Medicine Study Series (Acupuncture CEUs):. This is an ongoing series that studies the fundamental chapters of the classical Chinese medical (and related) texts in Chinese. We take the format of a collaborative group with each participant involved in the presentation and discussions. No previous knowledge of written Chinese is necessary as we will bring each participant up as we progress as a group. We are currently studying Huainanzi Chapter 7. Each meeting provides 3 CEUs for acupuncturists and are taught by Sean Fannin with meetings led 1-2 times a year by Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee. The next meeting with Elisabeth will be on Thursday November 29.

The current series will have our regular meetings on Saturday October 6, 2018 and Saturday November 3 from 9am-12 noon (3 CEUs per meeting). The cost is $65 per meeting, including all CEUs. Please contact us for student rates.

Ongoing Chinese Philosophy and Medical Qigong Group: Meets the third Saturday of the month from 9:30-11:30 $25, $21 for CTHA members In-depth discussion of classical Chinese philosophy in application to modern life, intermediate and advanced qigong principles and exercises and group practice. The class cost is $25, $21 for CTHA members.

Medical Qigong Workshops and Private Training: Periodic workshops on the Fundamental Practices of Medical Qigong - Quiet Qigong, Three Gates Gong, the First & Second Moving Gong, Closing Gong and more. Private lessons are also available at all levels.

Parkour Fitness Training: Parkour is a method of moving through the environment harmoniously and efficiently, with an emphasis on flowing with rather than opposing obstacles that are in our path. Parkour fitness utilizes the methodology of parkour to cultivate strength, balance, coordination, endurance, and flow, using only your body and immediate environment. Sessions include warm-ups, quadrupedal movements, balance training, running, jumping, vaulting and climbing in a safe and progressive manner. It is accessible for any age and any fitness level.

For more information on any of our programs: Please contact us at (707) 763-8040 fax (707) 772-5066 or email: sean@traditionalhealtharts.com.


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