Our Member Section has an extensive library of articles on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong and philosophy. This includes articles such as “Transforming Fear,” “The Art & Skill of the Heart,” “The Movement of Life Parts 1 & 2 (daily activity, qigong and exercise)” and much more.

Please enjoy the following free full length sample articles from our Member Section.

Nurturing the Gate of Life, by Sean Fannin
First published in the April 1999 issue of Tai Chi Magazine

In Traditional Chinese Energetics (Qigong), there is a primary focus on cultivating the energy of the Dan Tian, a fundamental practice necessary for internal development. However, to reach further levels of development it is necessary to look beyond the Dan Tian. The Ming Men (located on the middle of the lower back), is an essential part of traditional Chinese physiology.

Internal Renewal Practices of Chinese Medicine, by Sean Fannin
First published in the August 2001 issue of Tai Chi Magazine

One of the most fundamental ways to develop and maintain our health within daily life is by cultivating an internal support system. This is seen as one of the primary functions of Medical Qigong, the traditional internal practices of Chinese medicine. These internal practices help us to embody the theories and knowledge of the Classics, develop the "Three Treasures" of essence, energy and spirit, and cultivate our nature.

Cultivating Nature, by Sean Fannin
Published in the Winter 2002-2003 issue of Qi Journal

Our view of the world around us shapes how we view ourselves. The knowledge of nature gives us a way to understand the workings of life within us. From the classical Daoist point of view the observation of nature is self-observation and the philosophy of the body is nothing other than the philosophy of Nature.



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