Membership Benefits 

The primary purpose of membership is to provide community supported funding for Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine services and herbs for those that wouldn't otherwise have access to this important system of health care.

In supporting this goal, our membership program at the Center for Traditional Health Arts offers you the opportunity to join a community of like minded people, help others restore their health, get access to in-depth tools in order to transform your own health and get valuable discounts and exclusive opportunities!

Membership Options include:

Monthly subscription $20

(use the link above to subscribe - you can easily cancel at any time with a single link on the member site)

Quarterly membership $60 - contact us to join by check or credit card

Annual membership $220 - contact us to join by check or credit card

  1. Membership benefits include:             

  2. Access to the Members section of our website that includes a library of articles, videos and audio files that are exclusive to members.

  3. Discounts of 10% off of herbal consultation services, Chinese herbal formulas and private lessons, and 15% off classes and workshops .

  4. No cost Member Educational programs.

  5. And the real satisfaction of helping those in need!

Associate Level Membership $45 annual membership - contact us to join by check or credit card
(Please note that the Associate Membership includes the class discount and several of our most popular articles in digital format. It does not include access to the Member's Resource Library on our website or the office visit and herb discounts).

“Everyone could use these resources. The great thing about the membership program is it provides information on a whole traditional system - from nutrition to exercise to emotions, that I couldn’t find anywhere else!”

- D. Nelson, M.D.,  Santa Rosa

A quick story about our membership program.

When she first came to our office, G. couldn't work more than an hour or so a day, a few days a week. She was debilitated by fatigue, muscle pain and lung issues. Even though she was in such bad shape and had heard great things about Chinese medicine, she hadn't been able to try traditional Chinese medicine as she couldn't afford more than her most basic expenses. Because of our member supported program we were able to provide comprehensive care. Now, 6 months later, she is working 4-5 hours a day (of physical work) at least four days a week without excess fatigue and pain. Her most recent comment to me, after thanking me (and the Center membership program) for all the support was "it seems like a miracle!"

Take a look at our resource list for members: