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The Center for Traditional Health Arts is owned and operated by Sean Fannin as sole proprietor. Each practitioner providing services is an individual sole practitioner and not a partner or owner.

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Newsletter Archive 2006

December 2006 Newsletter
We're Moving!
Song - Relaxed and Focused
Back to the Reality of Life

November 2006 Newsletter
Yin Yang and the Rhythm of Life
How to Prepare Tea with a Gaiwan

October 2006 Newsletter
Cotati Clinic Update
Tea Update
Autumn and the Lungs

September 2006 Newsletter
Organic Tea
Following the Reality of Life
The Three Stages of Mixing a Formula

August 2006 Newsletter
Online Tea Shop
Harmonizing with the Summer Season

July 2006 Newsletter
Palace Pu-erh Tea from China
Summer: Season of the Heart

June 2006 Newsletter part 2
The Emotions: Internal Factors
Center Anouncements

June 2006 Newsletter part 1
The Environment and External Factors
Center Updates

May 2006 Newsletter part 2 What Causes Health Problems?
Center Updates - Community Free Clinic, Credit Cards, Medical Qigong

May 2006 Newsletter part 1 What is Health?
Medical Qigong Workshop Linking The Channels

April 2006 Newsletter part 2 Stillness & Movement
Linking the Channels Medical Qigong Update

April 2006 Newsletter part 1 Song - Relaxed & Strong
Medical Qigong Update

March 2006 Newsletter part 2 Eating for the Springtime
Foods and Flavors
Foundations of Medical Qigong Workshop

March 2006 Newsletter part 1 How to Support the Liver and Harmonize with the Springtime
Medical Qigong Update

February 2006 Newsletter Part 2
Springtime and the Liver - A classical Chinese Overview
Medical Qigong Update

February 2006 Newsletter Part 1
Accomplishing Big Changes with Small Steps
Chinese Herbal FAQs - How Long Does it Take the Herbs to Work?
Medical Qigong Update

January 2006 Newsletter Part 2
Awareness as the Foundation of Health
Cultivate Your Knowledge of Chinese Herbs Internship with Peg Schafer
Medical Qigong Update

January 2006 Newsletter Part 1
On Not Comparing Oneself with Others
Chinese Herbal Medicine & Medical Qigong Lecture
Medical Qigong Update

2005 Newsletter Archive

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