Sean Fannin, CH, Dipl.CEM is a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, specializing in Chinese herbalism, Medical Qigong, and client education. He has worked in a clinical practice that is based on the Chinese medical and philosophical classics since 1992. Sean's primary interest is in classical Asian philosophy and its application to modern life. This has formed the basis for his clinical practice, teaching and writing.

From an early age Sean has been involved with practical applications of Asian philosophy. His professional education has been in the traditional manner including a six-year apprenticeship program with his father, Bill Fannin, which emphasized Oriental medical theory, Chinese herbology and client education. He has had advanced training in Chinese medical theory and applications & Medical Qigong practices over the past 18 years as one of three private students accepted by Dr. Rong Rong Zheng, former director of the Shanghai Qigong Institute and former director of research and professor at the Shanghai Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has also had advanced studies, including classical Chinese medical texts, classical Chinese language and specific topic themes within classical Chinese medicine, with Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee, internationally known scholar and translator of classical Chinese medical and philosophical texts and co-founder of the European School of Acupuncture.

Sean is a diplomate of the College of Eastern Medicine with the American Association of Integrative Medicine, a practitioner level member of the American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia and is in one of the first group of Parkour Fitness Specialists in the US, certified through Parkour Generations. He has experience teaching and presenting to the general public and at the college and professional levels. His writing has been published in Tai Chi Magazine, Qi Journal and Empty Vessel, the Journal of Contemporary Daoism.

Nurturing the Gate of Life, Tai Chi Magazine, April 1999
The Art & Skill of the Heart, Qi Journal, Summer 2000
Understanding Chinese Medicine, Empty Vessel,Summer 2000
Internal Renewal Practices of Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi Magazine, August 2001
Effects of Incorrect Internal Energy Practices, Tai Chi Magazine, April 2002
Cultivating Nature, The Philosophy of Chinese Medicine, Qi Journal, Winter 2002-2003
Roots of Health, An Introduction to Chinese Herbal Medicine, Qi Journal, Spring 2004
Following the Seasonal Movements of Qi Tai Chi Magazine, June 2007

Fu Tian Herbs Practitioner’s Manual, 2008

The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm, by Peg Schafer,  Sean Fannin - Medicinal Herb Descriptions, Chelsea Green Publishing 2011


Sean Fannin, CH, Dipl.CEM

The Center for Traditional Health Arts is owned and operated by Sean Fannin. Each practitioner providing services is a sole practitioner and not a partner or owner.

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