Drawing on a 15 year background in bodywork and massage, Lori brings a hands-on approach to her needling practice. Lori is a Licensed Acupuncturist and graduate of AIMC, Berkeley and has been studying contact needling with Iwashina Anryu (aka. Dr. Bear) since 2000.

Lori has spent many years studying our relationship to nature through anthropology and immersion in nature, including work with Headwaters Outdoor School. This has included time spent on wilderness skills, wild food preparation, medicinal plants, nature awareness and learning to develop a spirit connection to nature. She seeks to develop an awareness of nature within the body as well as in the world around us.

You are invited to join Lori on this continued journey to the heart of life through deepening our relationship to nature, within and without.

Traditional Japanese Acupuncture - Contact Needling

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Lori Zarr, L.Ac., CMT

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